Unavoidable and Unchangeable Storms…

As I write this, Amanda and I STILL do not have electricity at our house. We have been, like so many across the South Carolina LowCountry, POWERLESS over the last few days. Now, before you begin asking yourself, I will answer the obvious question…”How can you be writing an email and sending it without power?” Well, we have “moved” into the Church Prophet’s Chamber since yesterday morning… Thankfully, the Church has power, and I have a place to take my family when we faced these difficult circumstances and storms. It has had me thinking alot about how addicted we all are to these conveniences and luxuries of life. God has truly blessed us and I would never discount His blessings, but the greatest blessings are NOT those that are plugged in, charged up, or operated by the flick of a switch. I guess it dawned on me with intensity two nights ago, when I sat down to eat supper by unintended candlelight. Amanda had cooked grits and scrambled eggs on our Coleman campstove, we boiled water and made tea, and sitting around the table were the GREATEST BLESSINGS OF MY LIFE!!! The laughter was contagious, the food was GREAT, and the candlelight revealed countenances that were aglow with JOY in spite of the storm and our powerless situation. We are currently STILL without power, but we’re OK. We came to the Prophet’s Chamber about 10:30 yesterday morning and have worked in and around the school as a family. We saw different church members throughout the day, and slept comfortably (after being lulled to sleep by the whispers and giggles of kids who’s lives are supposed to be miserably inconvenienced.)

As I have reflected upon the physical events of the last few days, I realize some deeper spiritual lessons that we have learned…


1. We are NOT in control, so there is NO need to get all bent out of shape during a unavoidable and unchangeable storm

2. When there is NO POWER at your house, there is STILL POWER at God’s House!

3. Get your family to the Church as quickly as possible to avoid any further danger or damage done by the “storms” in your life!

4. The storm itself may be over, but the damage and inconveniences caused by the storm may last awhile longer…so STAY at the Church!

5. Don’t get in any hurry to leave the Church…there’s STILL Power at the House of God!!!

6. God may not be through teaching me “Life Lessons”, so don’t panic or fret about today either

7. The SAME Power I have enjoyed at the House of God, will soon be at MY house as well, I just have to be patient and let God use the men who are hard at work restoring the “light” to my house

(I sure hope you’re getting this…)

8. This too shall pass, and with it ALL the “Life Lessons” I did NOT learn, so learn EVERYTHING you can through this unavoidable and unchangeable “storm”


Serving Jesus with a RENEWED Joy,

Pastor Tony Jones


P.S. – The Valentine Banquet has been cancelled for tonight. If it can be rescheduled, I will announce a new date and time.

For now, enjoy…REALLY ENJOY the TRUE BLESSINGS in your life and have the Happiest Valentine’s Day EVER!!!

If you are out in town, stop by the House of God…it’s where I have “moved” my family, and we’re having the time of our lives!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!