As your Pastor, I wanted to communicate and clearly describe our path forward.
This Corona-Virus (COVID-19) has made itself quite the “show stopper”!
While recovery rates are high and fatality rates are low, there are still vulnerable people who would be seriously affected and possibly suffer and die because of this disease.
The most vulnerable are the elderly and anyone with a weakened immune system. This includes any pre-existing illness in the body. Small children who have been sick have an increased vulnerability as well as older adults whose health has not been strong.
I want to let you know that while we may have to be flexible in our schedule and creative in our ministry, Faith Baptist Church will continue to serve and meet the spiritual needs of our community through regularly scheduled services and outreach efforts.
Due to the importance of our leadership and example, to help control the spread of any disease, I am implementing the following direction for the foreseeable future.
— Practice Regular and frequent hand washing
— If you are ill (or showing signs of symptoms) stay home
— If you are older and understanding the seriousness of your personal vulnerability, stay home (stay in close phone contact with me to have anything you need delivered to your house. You getting out and getting sick is TOO high of a risk for our church to consider)
— Maintain considerate social distancing (no hand shaking, follow any and all mandates from “the powers that be”)

— FBA will remain closed through our regularly scheduled Spring Break and hopefully resume sometime in April (Staff will be available and be in contact with families for updates and any Academic issue which may arise.) Students will be expected to do their work from home and maintain regular “chapel” time: daily pledges, Scripture, and prayer –
— Should you be one of our valuable yet most vulnerable (adult or child), please feel free to use our LIVESTREAM option. THIS is why we do this ministry! Your health and well-being are more important right now than any attendance to a service.
— As your Pastor, I am going to be available to personally come by for family in-house visits to pray with you and your family as well as to edify and encourage you in these days of distancing.
— If you have any needs at this time, please contact me! I am here for you and your family
— If you plan on using our LIVESTREAM option, let me know that as well. 
— “What about tithes and giving?” If you are using the LIVESTREAM option, we have an online options for giving 

Until then, may God Bless you and keep you!
You are my church family and I love each one of you very much!
I am your Pastor and I am here for you.
Stay safe!
Be considerate!
Call and contact one another and PRAY with one another.
Anytime the church is apart, we should pray for each other and strengthen one another until we meet again!

Again, our services will continue as normally scheduled at this time. I will update you if that changes.

Love and Prayers,
Need someone to pray for you?