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During this time of social distancing, we hope that you will take advantage of our LIVESTREAM ministry and join us as we worship the Lord Jesus together in small groups.  
While watching online, you will be introduced to several folks who are helping to keep this ministry active.
Pastor Tony and Mrs. Amanda Jones:
Pastor Tony and Mrs. Amanda have been ministering in Walterboro since 2003.  Together, they have focused on raising and training young people for ministry opportunities.  During this time of recommended “social distancing”, they are leading this Ministry Team to serve the Lord by providing meaningful and Christ-centered worship services online.  
Pastor will be bringing the messages from God’s Word and Mrs. Jones will be playing the piano and accompanying the Ministry Ensemble
Alexis leads the Ministry team in music practices and helps develops our advertising and online presence.  
Isaiah is a preacher out of our church and works closely with the Pastor on the weekly service development and order. Isaiah is a part of the Ministry Ensemble.
Gideon puts the “live” in the LIVESTREAM.  He is an energetic part of the team and helps with our sound and online presence. He also  is a part of the Ministry Ensemble.
Hailey brings a balance of energy and dependability to the team.  She  is a part of the Ministry Ensemble and helps with communications and supplies for the Ministry Team. 
Justus keeps calm and keeps going.  Justus helps with our mics and stage set-up. He also  is a part of the Ministry Ensemble.
Caroline helps with supplies she also  is a part of the Ministry Ensemble. Caroline makes sure we don’t forget to laugh and have fun.
Hunter is the youngest member of our team and is developing his skills as he helps with stage set-up and is a part of the Ministry Ensemble.
If you are interested in joining or hosting a “watch party”, please contact us today
For more information you can reach them by emailing the ministry team