Summertime…good or bad…it’s almost here


As the school year winds down, I am filled with mixed emotions.  It is always exciting for both staff and students to have some time “off” from the regular school schedule.  There is another side to my emotions, however, that feels a certain twinge of regret as I soon face the summer schedule and the obvious emptiness of the halls here at FBA.  I have been pastoring for nearly 20 years and have been here at Faith Baptist for over 11 of those years, and what I have seen is a consistent pattern in the negative spiritual effects of summertime.  I spoke to the students in chapel today and asked them if it was just me, or did they feel the same propensity to drift away, during the summer, from the fervency we feel here each and every day.  They agreed that there is something special about what we have here. The emphasis on a daily diet of the Word of God, the fellowship we enjoy, and the accountability we share cannot be replicated anywhere else…especially during the time off in the summer.

Honestly, I have thought about year round school, but am not sure that is the answer either.  My hope and prayer will be that our ministry to these kids will grow and not diminish during the summer break.  We pray and plan on keeping ourselves focused and filled with ministry opportunities during the time “off”.  Then as we regroup this fall, we will not have had the same experiences we have endured over other school years…dealing with lives that have cooled off spiritually.


Let me encourage each of you who may potentially suffer with the same dread of summer as I do…

1. PRAY…pray for each other and pray to keep yourself in the love of God.  Living, not by a “list” but because you truly love Jesus

2. PERSONALIZE…personalize your daily Bible reading to make it do more than just make sense…apply the Scripture to your life and live it for the Glory of God

3. PRACTICE…practice the same spiritual disciplines and biblical activities you would when you are in a more accountable situation. (Go to church regularly, be a witness, reach out to others, etc.)

4. PREPARE…prepare your heart to be even more faithful and more committed to Christ when you resume your fall schedule



Pastor Tony Jones